Church Mission Action Plan

Sawrey and Cunsey were part of parish of Hawkshead until 1873. Sawrey Church was built in 1869 to seat 400 people, and became the parish church of Sawrey in 1873. The church, built on rock, stands alone some distance away from the centre of the villages of Near and Far Sawrey giving fantastic views across the valley and over the hills towards the Langdales. In 2012 the building was awarded a Grade 2 listing. The building overlooks the parish, which has a shrinking population with over 50% of properties being second homes or holiday lets. It is open every day for everyone- locals and visitors- to find peace and shelter.

Maturity in Faith

Meetings take place in Advent and Lent at parishioner's homes. We give annually to various charities.

Action: Review our charitable giving, how much and to whom.

Prayer and Worship

The worship of God is at the centre of everything that is done by members of St Peter's. Our Sunday services alternate between 1662 Communion, Common Worship Communion, Matins, and a more informal morning worship. If there is a 5th Sunday in a month the four churches of the Benefice take it in turns to host a joint benefice service. We celebrate the special occasions during the Church calendar and any special national events. Many of our services are from the Book of Common Prayer but for the popular celebrations- Christmas, Easter, Harvest etc. we have printed service sheets which are easier for people to follow. Our Christmas Eve Candlelit service, with which we take great care and pride, is popular and well attended.

Action: Support and develop the 4th Sunday more informal service and invite people who may prefer a different style of worship. We would like to try to re-instate the Rogation Day service and a patronal service by the lake.

Community Engagement.

We encourage visitors to our church.

With Hawkshead we participate in a volunteer transport scheme.

Lent lunches are given in different homes each week during Lent, to which all are welcome.

Action: to produce a leaflet giving more information about the history of the church and some of its contents. To participate with the Community Plan for Claife.


We support Hawkshead with any Christian Basics courses. We encourage other parishioners of other denominations to join us where there is no provision for them locally. We deliver the Esthwaite Link to every household. We go out to the community on occasions such as the Lambing service on farms and the Ascension Day service on the fells.

Action: to encourage those who come to popular services to join us more often.

Quality of Relationships

We join the other parishes of the benefice in social activities, plays, entertainment evenings, coffee mornings and shrove Tuesday. We welcome visitors to worship with us and coffee is served afterwards, giving time for a chat. Holy Week services are shared with Rusland and Hawkshead.

Action: Look at the possibility of car sharing, particularly for the 5th Sunday service, which could be some miles distant.

The Esthwaite Link

A local magazine covering the Parishes of Hawkshead, with Low Wray and Sawrey, Rusland and Satterthwaite