Pilgrimage Project

It’s a journey which takes you through new landscapes, which at the same time help you explore your inner landscape.

A pilgrimage is undertaken with the intention of being open to learning new things about yourself, the world in which we live and the meaning of life. It is a journey of discovery and exploration, and will bring its own surprises and revelations – each one a unique gift to the pilgrim. God is your companion, and knows just what you need.

These walks are devised in order to connect you with the churches which make up the central lakes mission community, as well as other places of worship in the area. The mission community is a group of churches in the central lakes who have discovered the benefit and blessing of working and worshipping together. We have discovered a richness in our mutual friendship and in the sharing of our different traditions, emphases, and expressions. It is an open community in the sense that all churches, congregations and meetings in the area are invited to join in at whatever level they are able to participate.

These walks will connect you with a number of places of worship – anglican, baptist, methodist, roman catholic and quaker. Each place has its own distinctive story to tell which serves as an inspiration to the pilgrim.

So we welcome you to the central lakes, and we encourage you on your pilgrimage. Walk with your eyes open, and your heart ready to receive – and we know you will be blessed.

Kath Dodd
Hawkshead Hill Baptist Chapel

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