Extracts from Parish Records

December 1893
Rusland Reading Room. Mr C. F. Archibald while at home at Rusland Hall for a short holiday, has kindly consented to give two lectures on "Manures". These lectures are sure to be of interest to all those connected with farming. There will be no charge for admission.

The lectures were extremely useful to farmers. Very stormy weather caused the attendance to be small at first but at the second, there was a good audience, many having travelled a considerable distance. We are proud of our young squire's ability as a lecturer on Scientific Agriculture and pleased with the agreeable way in which he imparts knowledge.

January 8th 1894
Entertainment by Ulverston Christie Minstrels, proceeds £3-12-6d at the disposal of the vicar for parochial objects.

March 9th 1894
Magic Lantern entertainment and several songs. In the course of the evening Mr Plues gave a temperance address and the Vicar earnestly urged the young men present to lay to heart what they had heard and follow a safe course, which was that of total abstinence.

July 1895
Outside painting not proceeded with - Rusland Church. Regret to say that the ordinary collections during the past year have not been sufficient, together with the pew rents, to meet ordinary expenses of the Church. Unless we can hope for more liberal offerings, it is scarcely safe to spend, necessary though the painting is. This constant difficulty is very harassing to the Church Wardens. It would be avoided if every householder would make a point of giving at every collection, or if absent, sending his contribution.

I am grad to announce a donation of £1 from Colonel Sandys for church expenses - in response to this appeal.

H. W. Wilson, lately a member of our choir, has shipped as cook's assistant on a vessel bound for Buenos Ayres. It is hoped that the voyage may benefit his health, and if so, that he may continue to find suitable employment at sea. The sum of £2 was collected among his neighbours in Rusland and Satterthwaite to defray his travelling expenses to Newport where he joined his ship, as he was without the means. It is pleasant to find such willingness to help one in need.

The 14th Annual Flower Show was held on August 15th in a field occupied by M. T. Graveston with the consent of the Landlord. Mr Romney who liberally took upon himself to repay the tenant for the use of it. The weather was favourable and the attendance of visitors as large as usual. The show was of excellent quality.

FOUND after the show - an umbrella and a whistle - apply giving full description at the Rusland Vicarage.

Rusland Reading Room 1895
Poultry Keeping, lecturer Mr T. Carr a thoroughly practical man, with a knack of giving instructions in a bright and racy manner. We trust that those who attend will not be slow to make good use of the knowledge gained.

January 1896
The Reading Room is now open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at a charge of 1d per night. It is supplied with various papers and games. It is hoped that young men of the Parish and the neighbourhood that a social evening can be spent there as pleasantly and more cheaply than at the Public House.

Two lectures on "manures" will be given later this month followed by classes in Millinery in February and a lecture on Poultry keeping if funds permit.

June 1896
Band of Hope Meeting - Rusland Reading Room. Recitations were given but it was thought that the older members might do more than they do towards making these meetings useful and more entertaining.

August 1896
Choir Excursion. Members, accompanied by the Vicar, left Rusland Vicarage about 9 for Grange, in the two waggonettes supplied by Mr Fisher of Lakeside. The weather, though showery, proved less unfavourable than threatened and the long drive was enjoyable. At Grange, members dispersed to enjoy themselves in various ways, some taking advantage of the trains - spending a few hours in Lancaster and Morecambe. All reassembled at 4.30 to partake of an excellent tea supplied by Mrs Gardiner and rendered more enjoyable by the genial presence of Cannon Cooper. The drive home, by a different route, was enlivened by singing and the party duly arrived at Rusland Vicarage about 9.30.

Rusland 1899
Change of Hymn Book. Our present copies are worn out, the hymns themselves are too few in number and narrow in range. We propose to adapt "Hymns Ancient and Modern" and use the new book on Easter Sunday.

Rusland 1899 June 2nd
We are to have a visit from Mr J. Bleasdale of Bradford - he is coming to favour us with another evening of his humorous songs and sketches. Those who heard him on a former occasion will allow no trifling matter to prevent them hearing him again; while those who have not heard him will be wise not to miss this opportunity. Ad. 1s 6d ch. Free.

This concert was successful - Mr Bleasdale was in good form and very generous in the matter of encores. Proceeds £3-11-6d Ex. 14s 6d. Balance £2- 17s to be devoted to the vicarage drainage scheme.

Rusland 1899
August 19th. Annual Flower show - great success. Exhibits as a whole of a high order - although number in the Industrial division were small - a defect to be remedied next year.

The following day a Flower Service was held in church - the vicar gave an address on "some thoughts suggested by the Show". Excellent congregation - children especially noticeable.

The Pestilence. In common with most of the parishes, our own is suffering from what is wrongly named Influenza. It is a kind of malarial fever - very weakening and in many cases deadly in its effects. Its victims are found in all ranks of society - foremost amongst those is John Ruskin late of Brantwood, Coniston.

Rusland. Bon Voyage. On the recommendation of the doctor our young parishioner Moses Gravestone has arranged to take a voyage to New Zealand. The kindness of his friends has made this possible. We wish him "God Speed" and a complete restoration to health.

New Organ. A Handsome Chancel Organ - 5 sets of Reeds 17 Stops - frame of dark American Walnut. Its tones are at once both rich and full, with a compass in every way equal to the needs of the church. The same anonymous benefactor also defrayes the cost of hassocks for all the free pews.

Easter Monday. We hope to hoist the splendid St Georges Flag. Mr Myles Towers has kindly presented the required flagstaff. We wish to have it all ready for use in time for celebrations to mark the end of the war in South Africa.

1900 July
We sincerely congratulate our farmers on the character of the hay crop and the favourable conditions under which they have been able to gather it in. Be it remembered that barns well filled call for thanks giving to God the "Giver of All".

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