Service times for the Parishes of Hawkshead, Sawrey, Rusland and Satterthwaite.

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Prayer and Worship

If you would like to be included in an email circulation which distributes regular suggestions for prayer and worship and details of how to join our services on Zoom, contact John Dixon on and/or Follow us on Facebook.

Why not join with members of the congregations by using these services in your own homes: Morning Prayer and/or Night Prayer. These general prayers might also be of some help.

A service in church

From 12th July there will a service on Sundays at 9.30am in Hawkshead Church. The zoom service will be at 11am (for details on how to join that contact John Dixon on You are very welcome to come. Please follow any instructions given and note that, as of 8th August, it is required to wear a face covering to attend.

Opening Church Buildings for Private Prayer (updated 24 June)

Having done a lot of work studying the regulations and completing a risk assessment and gathering the correct cleaning materials etc:
Hawkshead Parish church will be open for private prayer 10am-12noon on Tuesdays and 2pm - 4pm on Thursdays.
Satterthwaite Church is open for private prayer 6pm-7.30pm on Wednesdays and 1pm - 3pm on Sundays.
From 29th June Rusland Church will be open for private prayer by individuals or single households on Mondays 6-7.30pm and Fridays 10.30am-12pm.
Please feel free to go for private prayer at the advertised times and follow any instructions given.










Main Benefice page