Giving to the Church

A Letter from the Parochial Church Council

A form to be sent to the treasurer can be downloaded here.

Dear Friends,

Do you wish Sawrey to retain its village church, open nearly every day, providing services most Sundays, available when it is needed-for  special occasions such as weddings, christenings, funerals and at times of Christian festivals, or at times when someone may simply need a place of peace and quiet? It is a vital part of the village's life and character, which makes this a place where people choose to live, whether permanently or as often as their work and other commitments permit.

Firstly we would like to thank all those who support us already: we appreciate the lifeline this support  gives to the Church. But the real question is: how much longer can Sawrey village Church be viable? At the moment the Church is  maintained by the efforts and generosity of a small number of people (perhaps 15% of the adult population of the Parish) and the Church needs help from others who wish St. Peter's to survive.

The Church receives no external funding or financial help  and depends almost entirely on the generosity of parishioners and visitors. The annual cost of maintenance and upkeep runs at over 24,000 per year. The largest item within that total is our contribution of over 13,000  to the cost of clergy pay and pensions. Other substantial items include, insurance 1,800,  heating oil 1,400,  building maintenance several thousands. A recent cost for renovation of one of the church windows was over 7,000.

There is also the maintenance of the external ground. The graveyard is owned by the Church, but is held for the benefit of the whole parish and for the use, as and when necessary, of all parish residents. The annual cost of this maintenance in recent years has risen between 1,500 - 2,000. Work and repairs to this area are essential.

We fear that time may be getting near when St. Peter's Church will not be able to continue unless the small number of people who willingly and regularly give their time, energy and money to its life and work are reinforced and given help and support by the wider Parish community.

Financial help is always welcome. Occasional gifts from time to time as circumstances permit. Or preferably a regular amount donated monthly , quarterly or annually. A small amount made by standing order could be the lifeline that maintains our Church for future generations. Any amount would be greatly received. Each small amount binds together to strengthen the future for our Church.  Our Church remains open to all. We would love to see you at one of our services, where you will always be very welcome. For those who pay tax at the present time, we can reclaim 28 pence on any pound donated through the national Gift Aid charity scheme.

Members of the church do work very hard to raise funds, through special fund raising events and the sale of special items such as tea towels and Christmas cards, but all churches also need regular financial giving to survive.

It is good to have a Village Institute, a Village Hall, a playground and a Village Church. Please help us maintain St. Peter's for the next generation to enjoy by giving your full consideration to our appeal. Working together we can make it happen.

If you can make a gift, or increase your giving, we would be very grateful if you could you could complete the form, which can be downloaded by clicking here, and return it to the treasurer.Or alternatively, we will send you  one if you contact:
Mr G. Schofield
Near Sawrey
LA22 0JZ
015394 36356

All contributions are confidential to the Church treasurer.

Many thanks for your considerations.

                                                  Members of St. Peter's, Sawrey Parochial Parish Council