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June 2010
Thanks to your generosity, the church clock is now up-and-running again, and striking the quarters and the hours. The appeal launched earlier this year raised a total of over 9,500 (including Gift Aid). This was enough to enable the PCC to commission Cumbria Clocks to replace all three of the electric winding mechanisms (one had failed and the others were becoming unreliable) and have the clock fully overhauled, with some worn bearings replaced.
Some further electrical work is required (the existing circuit turned out not to be fit for the old installation, let alone the new one). We hope that the proceeds of the appeal will be sufficient to let us install a proper electrical circuit to supply the clock and also some other outlets in the tower. When this work is done, the temporary and unsightly white cable hanging at the back of the nave against the tower wall will disappear.
Thank you again to everyone who helped to make this project possible.